2012 NFL Super Bowl Latest Lines – Live Odds to win 2012 Super Bowl XlVI (46)
Latest 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Futures Odds

The Green Bay Packers’ 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV may still be fresh in our minds, but BetUS pro football betting enthusiasts everywhere can already begin to put the recently completed season in the rear-view mirror thanks to the value-packed BetUS football sportsbook NFL Futures Odds centered on next year’s 2012 Super Bowl XLVI showdown.

I have separated the teams into individual groups based on my expert NFL handicapping analysis and will offer up some brief analysis on each original section.

Okay, with the NBA, NHL and NCAA college basketball taking center stage in the center of the North American sporting universe, let me get started.

2012 Super Bowl XLVI Futures Odds

The Cream of the Crop

  • New England Patriots — 9/2
  • Green Bay Packers — 6/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers — 7/1
  • New York Jets — 8/1
  • Indianapolis Colts — 8/1
  • New Orleans Saints — 15/1

Analysis: From where I’m sitting, I’ve got to believe that the Green Bay Packers will have a very legitimate shot to defend their Super Bowl title next season simply because they overcame an incredible amount of injuries this season to pull off the feat.

The Steelers and Patriots are generally always a double-digit win team it seems while the New York Jets are very legitimate under defensive genius Rex Ryan whether you love them or wish they’d all shut the hell up for like, forever.

As far as Indianapolis and New Orleans are concerned, both teams have two of the best, Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks of this era in Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. If the Colts get healthy (and get a damn rushing attack) they’ll be right back in the mix in a big way. If New Orleans can shore up its many defensive issues and stay healthier next season, they’ll likely be elite again as well.

Legitimate Contenders

  • Atlanta Falcons — 12/1
  • Baltimore Ravens — 12/1
  • San Diego Chargers — 12/1
  • Chicago Bears — 15/1
  • New York Giants — 15/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles — 15/1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 25/1

Analysis: I’ll say it right now. The most value-packed team in my ‘legitimate contenders’ category is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay has a ‘poised-beyond-his-years’ young quarterback in Josh Freeman and gifted young head coach Raheem Morris, not to mention one of the league’s best defenses.

The Falcons and Ravens are my two top teams in this grouping to really make some noise in the postseason, followed by the Bucs and Chicago Bears (if Jay Cutler gets a backbone).

I’ve got to keep it real and give my John Madden 2011 team (San Diego) some props. The Bolts are loaded with talent, but perennially-underachieving Chargers keep shooting themselves in the foot, not to mention, I still don’t believe in head coach Norv Turner.

The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants will also have legitimate chances to have some legitimate postseason success next season, but I don’t trust Andy Reid or the Eagles defense and I believe the Giants have just about tuned Tom Coughlin out.


  • Minnesota Vikings — 40/1
  • Dallas Cowboys — 18/1
  • Kansas City Chiefs — 25/1
  • Houston Texans — 35/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars — 40/1
  • Miami Dolphins — 40/1
  • Oakland Raiders — 50/1
  • St Louis Rams — 60/1
  • Seattle Seahawks — 100/1

Analysis: Let me start things off by saying, the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys could both go from ‘pretenders’ to legitimate title contenders in the blink of an eye if everything goes according to plan under their respective new head coaches.

Both, Leslie Frazier and Jason Garrett had what have to be considered successful interim stints after taking over for the fired Brad Childress and Wade Phillips respectively. Both teams are loaded with talent and could surprise.

The Kansas City Chiefs are clearly heading in the right direction after their successful 2010 season, while I’m just sick and tired of the Houston Texans’ and Jacksonville Jaguars’ perennial underachieving.

Miami should have fired Tony Sparano and hired Bill Cowher while the Oakland Raiders could build on their mild success under Hue Jackson or flame out faster than a blown birthday candle.

The Rams and Seahawks are definitely heading in the right direction after their successful 2010 campaigns, but right now, both are more ‘pretender’ than legitimate title contender.

Long Shots Galore!

  • Arizona Cardinals — 100/1
  • Buffalo Bills — 200/1
  • Carolina Panthers — 300/1
  • Cincinnati Bengals — 60/1
  • Cleveland Browns — 60/1
  • Denver Broncos — 50/1
  • Detroit Lions — 50/1
  • San Francisco 49ers — 40/1
  • Tennessee Titans — 60/1
  • Washington Redskins — 60/1

Analysis: Every team in this grouping has to be considered a long shot to win Super Bowl XLVI next season for one reason or another. Some of these teams have a ton of work to do just to get back to respectability while others are a bit closer to marginal success. None of the following teams looks like a playoff contender right now, but of course, things are subject to change as, always in the NFL.

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